• Année : 1994
  • Moteur : 3.4L DOHC 32-valve V-8
  • Transmission : Manuelle
  • Kilométrage : 12 757 km
  • Couleur extérieure : Rosso Corsa
  • Numéro d'inventaire : P16167
  • Modèle : 348 Spider
  • Groupe motopropulseur : Propulsion arrière


The 348 could host a masterclass on quintessential 80's design cues. The first thing you notice when looking at the 348 are those wonderful side strakes. The Testarossa, which was Ferrari's flagship model when this car was released is famous for its side strakes and this car has them too but not just on the side. Strakes are featured on the rear decklid and even placed over the tail lights! The second most prominent feature and the one that makes this a Spider is the convertible roof. Manually foldable in seconds, this car provides the best of both worlds offering that extra 30,000 feet of headspace whenever the mood suits. The last and perhaps most iconic 80's design cue are those wonderful pop-up headlights, perhaps the coolest of car features from a by-gone era. With just 12,757km (7926 miles)  on the odometer, this 348 Spider is in like-new condition and, as even the most discerning eye will notice, has been treated with utmost care its entire life.



Uniquely Italian 80's design prevails both on the outside and inside of this vehicle. Perhaps the most indicative clue of this car's production time frame is the gauges used throughout the vehicle. Using a uniquely 80's font and colour, all the information is easily visible. The seating is spacious and comfortable and all the leather remains in fantastic condition. The seatbelt design was commonly used during the time period and featured a dual buckle system, a manual lap belt and an automatic shoulder belt. The shoulder hardness is not permanent and can be left unfastened, removing some clutter from the interior. Overall the interior has been preserved with the utmost care and this 348 remains a beautiful time machine for those looking to throwback to an era when hair was big and Ferrari's still had manual gearboxes.


Moving on to what is perhaps the most under-appreciated aspect of the 348, the mechanical driving experience. The 348 gets overlooked probably because its production time frame is overlooked by some of the most legendary V12's ever made, but have you ever tried to do your daily runabout in a V12 sports car? Trust us when we say a stiff clutch pedal and a massive engine that is as powerful as it is thirsty can make for a tedious and expensive commute. Here is where the fortes of the 348 really come into play. The smaller V8 is much more manageable while still hosting plenty of power (capable of doing 0-60mph in 6 seconds). The actual size of the vehicle is much more reasonable and the features and finish make for a much more comfortable experience when compared to the rawness of say an F40. All discerning petrol-heads shopping for a 348 will be aware of the infamous belt servicing requirements and will be delighted to know that this 348 has recently received its major servicing, eliminating the concern for any major and immediate mechanical work. This 348 is also compliant with EPA and DOT emissions regulations (OBD II).



The late '80s and early '90s was a glorious period for Ferrari. It seemed that Enzo knew he was close to the end of his life and pushed forward with tenacity in order to make his impact on the automotive world even greater. Truly breathtaking work was leaving the Maranello factory. Unforgettable machines like the F40, Testarossa and 288 GTO were all produced at roughly the same time! Much like any Hollywood blockbuster, it's easy to remember the stars of the show, but what about the supporting cast? These flagship models cast a shadow over the entire automotive industry, including some of their lesser appreciated brethren wearing the same badge. This being said, it's a little easier to forgive the general public when they tend to completely overlook important cars in the Ferrari history, like the 348. Replacing the 328 in 1989 and running until 1995, the 348 was the last V8 Ferrari developed under the supervision of Enzo, entering production after his death. The 348 played an important but overlooked role as the middle sibling between the old generation Ferrari V8's and the evolution towards newer high-performance cars like the F430.

If you were to put a price tag on the ability to have access to a 6 speed, gated, open-top, classic Ferrari, most educated car enthusiasts will know that this is a six-figure pipe dream. We here at John Scotti Classics are here to put an end to the dreams and offer up a truly unique experience. As the market for ALL used Ferraris continues to rise, this car has seen only a small percentage of the fluctuation its stable-mates have enjoyed. Who's to say what the market will dictate next year? What can be said for sure is that this 1994 Ferrari 348 Spider might be one of the best values on the exotic sports car market today.