Shelby GT500 KR 1 des 12 véhicules canadiens commandés spécialement en couleur Fleet Yellow 1968


  • Année : 1968
  • Moteur : 7.0L 428 cubic inch Ford Cobra Jet V8
  • Transmission : Automatique
  • Kilométrage : 113 957 km
  • Couleur extérieure : Jaune Flotte
  • Numéro d'inventaire : MUSC-P16142A
  • Modèle : GT500 KR
  • Groupe motopropulseur : Propulsion arrière


Carrol Shelby made numerous changes to the exterior of the car to help separate it visually from the Ford Mustang. The distinctive front entry vent required the bespoke fabrication of fibreglass fenders to meet up with the stretched hood. The hood itself might be one of the most memorable features of the vehicle, with 2 large air ducts helping draw cool air into the engine compartment. Shelby fabricated custom fibreglass work on the trunk lid, featuring an integrated spoiler, as well as ’65 Thunderbird sequential tail lamps and a classic dual-shotgun exhaust. All the aforementioned body panels are factory originals. Upon seeing this car in person it quickly becomes abundantly obvious that this GT500 KR is unparalleled in condition. The Fleet Yellow paint is as immaculate as it is rare and just like the interior, the outside of the car remains in fantastic condition.


Opening the door reveals that there’s as much to enjoy on the inside as there is on the outside. Carrol Shelby spared no expense to make this car noticeably different than the Mustang it was based on. With truly unique attention to detail, Shelby added wood accents to a pleated black vinyl interior to match the exterior accents and of course the now infamous Shelby badging peppered throughout the interior along with the signature of Mr. Shelby himself on the passenger dashboard. The vehicle comes with rare factory equipped options such as air conditioning and an automatic transmission. 


This Marti Report Certified GT 500 is perfect outside and in. From the first drop of Fleet Yellow paint to the last bolt of the engine, this car exudes a show-level quality of finish. The 428 Cobra Jet engine produces 335 horsepower and 445 lb/ft of torque. This vehicle is rust and accident-free and received a full restoration before we acquired it. 



When something happens that falls outside the boundaries of normal and it does so with a wonderful personality, that thing is destined to be timeless. This 1968 Shelby GT500 KR is one of those timeless historical collector's items. A true legend among legends. The definitive American muscle car produced by one of the greatest car manufacturers the world has ever seen, Mr. Carrol Shelby. Just mentioning the name ignites thoughts of Le Mans-winning race machines and some of the most appealing muscle cars to ever come out of America. We are very proud to be able to offer this beautiful, fully restored GT500 King of the Road in rare Fleet Yellow, featuring a personal touch from Carrol Shelby!

The Shelby GT 500 is an icon and this example does its namesake proud in a very unique way. Not only is the car in immaculate condition for being driven 70,810 miles (113,958 km), but the Fleet Yellow paint over the black upholstery and the wood trim interior is a stand-out specification. As cars in condition like this become increasingly difficult to find as the years go on, we are very proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase a 1968 GT500 that looks and performs as if it rolled out of the Shelby factory yesterday.