Lamborghini Murcielago Édition 40th Anniversaire - 6 Vitesse Gated - No 50/50 2003


  • Année : 2003
  • Moteur : 6.2L
  • Transmission : Manuelle
  • Kilométrage : 10 811 km
  • Couleur extérieure : Verde Artemis
  • Modèle : Murcielago
  • Groupe motopropulseur : Traction intégrale


In 2001 Lamborghini released the Murcielago. It was the first car from the team in Sant'Agata Bolognese since the VW buyout and newly appointed Audi management. While the car still featured the original Lamborghini V12 (albeit evolved even further due to some tinkering at Audi) the major changes were seen on the exterior. Many see such a low ride height and mistake this for a small car. It's anything but small, as its short but very wide stance offers the stability to charge through corners with surprising nimbleness. The wide, projection style headlights give this car its own unique look in the Lamborghini line-up while side profiles remind any aficionado of the aggressive wedge that is so representative of the brand. Then, of course, there are the retractable side-mounted engine vents, that when deployed look positively sinister. The Murcielago has gone on to define itself as one of the prettiest car shapes of all time and the 40th-anniversary edition Verde Artemis triple-layer pearl effect paint job only adds to the allure. The upgraded wheels are finished in a dark anthracite grey and the shotgun exhaust offsets the colours perfectly with the only chrome you will find on the car. The previous owner was not just an enthusiast but part of the Lamborghini family. Previously owned by the President of Lamborghini Toronto the rarity of such a beautiful and unique machine was recognized from day one and this car has been treated royally its entire life. No signs of wear are found on the exterior as this car remains in showroom condition throughout.


While the two Italian sports car companies vie neck and neck for their turn in the spotlight, they go about it very differently. The general first impression getting into a Ferrari is always exciting, however, with a few exceptions the follow up is the realization that it's not so different from a normal car. I think Ferruccio would be pleased that the Murcielago driving experience is radically different than any other car. Opening the iconic “scissor” doors you enter a carbon and leather-clad cockpit where the seating is asymmetrical and angled to the centre of the vehicle. Seatbelts are mounted between the passengers due to the design of the doors. The gated shifter greets you with a satisfying “click” as it shifts into first gear. Looking through the rear-view mirror you turn the key and can literally see the V12 roar to life. Everything about being in this vehicle offers both the driver and the passenger an automotive experience like no other. This being a limited edition version a few key features are worth noting. Most of the plastic panelling found in the original Murcielago has been replaced with carbon fibre. Both seats feature the use of white leather on the inserts. Interestingly this car features asymmetrical seating both with the position of the seats and the materials used. The driver side is finished in perforated leather, while the passenger side is smooth. Carpeting has been coloured to match and adorned with the special edition badging, visible through the window. This car has had only one previous owner, and its meticulous care since delivery is immediately apparent in the flawless quality and condition of the interior of the vehicle.


Without question one of the most rewarding aspects of Murcielago ownership is that legendary and monstrous 6.2L V12 residing right behind your seat under those slatted glass covers. Every time it starts up is just as exciting as the first. An utterly visceral emotion comes over you as what can only be described as a thunderous growl echoes off the garage walls. It has been inspiring dreams and snapping necks for decades and this was the final embodiment of a legendary engine. With some fine-tuning by a team of German engineers, Audi was able to bring the displacement up to a thirsty 6.2L and power to 572hp. While most Murcielagos were fitted with “E-Gear”, single-clutch paddle style-shifting is now considered dated technology. Lucky the Anniversary Edition delivers the power with a timeless 6 speed gated manual adding to the long list of sensory thrills one gets when driving this particular car. When you look at the gauge cluster and notice just 10,750 km (6718mi) on the odometer you really start appreciating this example for the preservation piece it is. Just like the rest of this car, the engine has been upheld to factory conditions offering the next buyer either the perfect collector car or a time-capsule that offers the unique opportunity to enjoy a like-new Murcielago. This vehicle is EPA, DOT certified.



To call the Lamborghini driving experience fantastically flamboyant is anything but an understatement. From its inception, the whole point of the company was to be cooler than cool, the best of the best. These days the Anniversary Editions of their cars are regarded as some of the most outstanding examples of that objective and this 40th Anniversary Edition Murcielago sits confidently among the top of that line-up. So let's all take a minute to thank Enzo Ferrari and his deep bag of insults because without them we wouldn't have cars like the GT40 or the undoubtedly magnificent machine you see before you now.