Aston Martin Vanquish  2003


  • Année : 2003
  • Kilométrage : 40 280 km
  • Numéro d'inventaire : ENG-PC1507
  • Modèle : Vanquish


The first generation Vanquish is the grandfather to the now infamous flagship model for Aston Martin. The Snow Shadow Gray Paint perfectly compliments the accentuated hips, exaggerated shoulder lines, long hood and wide headlights creating an instantaneously classic look, inspiring many generations of Aston Martins, and achieving praise from automotive critics globally as one of the best looking modern GT cars ever made. Shortly before its release, the Vanquish was selected as the vehicle of choice for James Bond in the 2002 release Die Another Day and since then has remained a modern classic. The standard for excellence in automotive care has been kept paramount with this example as the exterior of this vehicle remains in flawless condition


The beautiful Kestrel Tan interior is filled with luxury detailing befitting an Aston Martin, including a quilted suede headliner, laser engraved nameplates on the door sills and engraved door handles. Even the font on the gauge cluster is beautiful and clean, conforming to the heir of class Aston Martin is renowned for. Showing just 25,175 miles (40,515 km) from new, this car has been treated with the utmost respect and care, keeping it in pristine condition.


The Vanquish isn’t just a pretty face. Under the beautifully long hood lies a 6L V12 producing 460hp and 400 lb/ft of torque. It's capable of a top speed of 190mph (305kmph) and can accelerate to 60mph (100kmph) from a standstill in 5.2 seconds. It is fully compliant with EPA/DOT emission regulations (OBD II). This finely crafted standard of British engineering has only seen 25,175 miles (40,515 km) from new and remains in perfect showroom condition, ready for its next owner to enjoy worry-free.



The 2003 V12 Vanquish is as beautiful as it is capable. The huge power train is fast and thrilling. All of the timeless character traits of this vehicle combine for an experience that begs to be enjoyed over and over again. Its cars like this one that gets you excited for long road trips and even more excited when you forget something and have to turn around. Sometimes it can be difficult to see into the future and predict what cars will be deemed classics. But right from its release, the Vanquish possessed all the ingredients required. Between the iconic styling, gorgeous engine and cementing itself into popular culture, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish will bestow heavy style points to anyone lucky enough to get behind the wheel.