Whether you need routine maintenance or mechanical or body repair, our old vehicle specialists are there to take care of your classic car. Passion is at the heart of how we work and this is why you can entrust your classic car with closed eyes. We know the characteristics and requirements for this type of vehicles, it has been our core business for many years!

General Repairs

John Scotti's mechanics have unrivaled know-how in restoring old cars. Particular attention is paid to the smallest details to preserve the integrity and the original appearance of the vehicles. Whether it is for a mechanical intervention, an inspection, a tune up or for bodywork repairs following an accident, call upon our services!


Thanks to our team of mechanics who are all passionate about vintage cars, John Scotti has a unique expertise in providing high quality custom detailing services. Whether you need detailing work on the engine or undercarriage, buffing, washing, repair or body protection, you can trust us, we know what we do!

Transport Services

Vintage cars purchased from John Scotti Classic Cars can be delivered in Canada and abroad. Two types of safe transportation are available, by closed trailer or open trailer. You can trust our experience and professionalism to organize the transport of your vehicle to the destination of your choice for a service that meets your expectations.

At John Scotti Classic Cars, for 43 years we have assembled a large inventory of original auto parts for the maintenance and repair of your classic cars, old vehicles and rare models of many brands. Contact us to know the availability of a part. Contact us to know the availability of a part. Our experienced mechanics can also install the parts for you. Our workshop in Montreal is specially equipped for the repair and maintenance of classic vehicles.