The John Scotti Classic Cars Experience

The John Scotti Classic Cars Experience

The John Scotti Classic Cars Experience

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For more than 40 years now, John Scotti Classic Cars has been a classic car dealer in the Montreal area and also around the world. The secret? Experience and quality of service.


43 years of experience


The John Scotti Classic Cars adventure began exactly 43 years ago. it all started with a passion for cars and mechanics. This was followed by the restoration of several vehicles of all kinds and brands, ranging from North American cars to exotic cars.


This experience now allows John Scotti Classic Cars' mechanics to be experts in the restoration and maintenance of classic vehicles. This allows us to offer you high quality cars.


The John Scotti Classic Cars shopping experience


In addition to this quality that makes us proud, John Scotti Classic Cars offers you an unparalleled shopping experience. An experience far from the one offered 40 years ago.


At the time, the customer went to the dealership, discovered the vehicle. He found the car of his dreams, sat in it, watched it before buying it.


Today the codes have changed. With the democratization of the Internet, we are aware that our customers can come from Western Canada, the United States, UK, France,... In short, all over the world. And it is not always possible to move to see the vehicle before reception.


We do our best to make you discover the car as if you were in front of it. We take as many pictures as possible, from every angle of the car. We take care to show you every detail. Would you like to hear the sound? We send you a video!


We do everything to make sure that one of our classic cars is the one you are looking for.


Discover the world of John Scotti Classic Cars


You were looking for a classic car but you did not know where to look? Now you know that at John Scotti Classic Cars you will be able to enjoy an exceptional experience, vehicle quality and service.


Come meet us or discover our online inventory of more than 150 vehicles. Miss any information? Contact us, we will be very pleased to answer you!