Buying your classic car at John Scotti Classic Cars

Buying your classic car at John Scotti Classic Cars

Buying your classic car at John Scotti Classic Cars

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Have you found the classic vehicle you wanted at John Scotti Classic Cars? Now is time to have it!


Here is how we usually go about selling you a classic car:


  1. Negociation


As is the custom in Quebec, negotiation is welcome. We are ready to hear your offer and find common ground for the car you are looking for.




Once an agreement has been reached, a deposit to reserve your car is required. This can be done by credit card.


The higher the amount of your deposit, the easier it will be for us to book your car as long as it is necessary for you to raise money for the purchase of your car.


Contract edition

Details defined, a contract will be drafted by John Scotti Classic Cars. This one will take again the various elements seen with our team and will make it possible to make the transfer of the official vehicle.


Once this is done, we will begin the preparation of your vehicle. Final inspection and complete cleaning will be carried out for the sale.




The contract signed between the two parties, it is time for you to proceed to payment of the amount due.


To do this, we prefer the bank transfer. Simple, fast and safe for both parties, we know it's the best way to transfer money.


We can also accept certified checks if needed. However, depending on the banking question, we reserve the right to freeze the transaction 30 days minimum after cashing the check. This to avoid any case of financial fraud.


Before the conclusion of this step, the vehicle is still owned by John Scotti Classic Cars and will not be allowed to leave the garage.


Sales receipt editing


Once payment has been received and confirmed, a sales receipt will be drawn up automatically by our accounting department. It will complete the vehicle transfer process and allow you to benefit from your new vehicle.


Transport and delivery


And now, your vehicle is ready to join you! Whether by your own means or through a carrier, the car of your dreams belongs to you and you will soon be able to enjoy it.


If you have questions about transportation or delivery in the US or Europe, please read our article or contact us.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you.


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